Meet Grandpa

Grandpa Stuart has always loved baking, and his cherished family fruit cake recipe is the stuff of (local) legend. What began as a first prize in the baking competition at the local fete has evolved into a much-loved family business.

Our small batch Suffolk bakery keeps the tradition alive, producing Grandpa’s moist and tender fruit cake just like the day he first created the recipe. Grandpa’s fruit cake now has admirers around the world... because everyone loves cake, don’t they?

Handmade in Suffolk (with love)

You know you’re getting a cake made with love when it comes from Grandpa’s bakery. We do things the old-fashioned way and use only the best ingredients with no artificial colourings or preservatives. Our cake is as natural as we can make it.

Baked by cake lovers, for cake lovers

We’re passionate about baking. The supermarket shelves are full of mass-produced cakes produced in factories by automated production lines. Where’s the love in that? We would rather do things the right way, going back to basics and making authentic cakes packed with that homemade flavour.