Wedding Cakes, when is the best time to order a mature Fruit Cake?

Wedding Cakes, when is the best time to order a mature Fruit Cake?

Are you dreaming of that mature, moist, fruit-filled wedding cake, subtly enhanced with the delicious undertones of rum or brandy? If your wedding is on the horizon and you're seeking the perfect cake to symbolise your love and unity, then a Grandpa's Cakes wedding fruit cake should be the number one contender.


Planning a wedding can be an exhaustive endeavour, with a myriad of decisions to make. From the venue to the guest list, from the music to the flowers, everything needs careful consideration, and your wedding cake is no exception. 


But when is the best time to order your wedding fruit cake from Grandpa's Cakes? Let’s unravel this scrumptious mystery together!


Unveiling the Art of Maturation


At Grandpa's Cakes, we understand that the secret to a fabulous wedding fruit cake lies in the time-honoured tradition of maturation. Our deliciously moist fruit cakes are infused with high-quality rum or brandy, allowing the succulent fruits to absorb these exquisite flavours slowly. This process significantly enhances the cake's taste, and the longer the maturation period, the richer the flavour.


As a bride and groom desiring a mature fruit cake for your wedding, we recommend ordering your cake at least three months in advance. This duration gives our bakers ample time to make your cake from scratch and for the flavours to mature, enhancing the aromatic fusion of fruits, spices, and the rum or brandy of your choice.



Moisture Magic: The Marzipan and Icing Sealing


But how do we ensure that your cake stays moist even as it matures? That’s where the Grandpa's Cakes magic comes in. 


Once baked to perfection, your wedding fruit cake is set upon a 12mm foiled cake board. This board forms a moisture-trapping barrier beneath the cake, ensuring no goodness escapes from the bottom. The cake is then covered with marzipan, a rich almond-based paste, which provides an additional layer of flavour.


However, the sealing doesn't stop there! We coat the marzipan layer with a layer of smooth, sumptuous icing, creating a final barrier to seal in the moisture. This keeps your cake moist, ensuring that the flavoursome juices from the succulent fruits are locked in, enriching every bite with tantalising taste. 


So, When Should You Order?


In light of the maturation process and our commitment to delivering the best quality fruit cakes, we encourage you to place your wedding cake order at least three months before your big day. This advance ordering gives us enough time to work our magic, allowing your wedding fruit cake to mature optimally while retaining its signature moist texture.


Are you ready to take the plunge into a world of mouth-watering wedding fruit cakes, infused with the mature, intoxicating flavours of rum or brandy? Reach out to us at Grandpa's Cakes. We’re eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be part of your beautiful journey of love and unity.

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