"Serving Love by the Slice: A Guide to Wedding Fruit Cake Portions"

"Serving Love by the Slice: A Guide to Wedding Fruit Cake Portions"

When planning your wedding, every detail matters, especially when it comes to your wedding cake. A centrepiece of many wedding receptions, the cake is not just a treat but a symbol of shared joy and sweetness. Given the rich and flavourful nature of wedding fruit cakes, portioning becomes an essential consideration. At Grandpa's Cakes, we specialise in creating exquisite wedding fruit cakes that are as rich in taste as they are in tradition. Understanding how many slices you can get from each cake size ensures that every guest gets a piece of the celebration.


Why Portion Size Matters

Wedding fruit cakes, known for their dense, moist texture and deep flavours, are traditionally richer than other types of cakes. Because of their richness, portion sizes are generally smaller, making them perfect for sharing without overwhelming your guests. A standard portion size for a wedding fruit cake is about 70 grams, including the marzipan and icing. This size is ideal, allowing guests to savour the intricate flavours without being too filling.


Cake Sizes and Portions

To help you plan the perfect cake for your wedding, we've outlined our cake sizes along with the estimated number of portions each can provide. These estimates are based on the standard 70-gram portion size:


8" Cake: Serves 20-30 guests. Perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings, ensuring everyone gets a slice of the joy.

10" Cake: Serves 48-56 guests. Ideal for medium-sized weddings, this size ensures that even with a generous guest list, everyone can enjoy a piece.

12" Cake: Serves 66-75 guests. Suited for larger celebrations, this cake size makes sure no one misses out on the special dessert.


Planning Your Cake

Choosing the right size for your wedding cake is crucial. Consider your guest count, but also the nature of your event. If you're planning other desserts, you might lean towards the lower end of the portion range. However, if your wedding cake is the sole dessert, it's better to err on the side of generosity. 


Remember, the richness of Grandpa's Wedding Fruit Cakes means they're more satisfying per slice than lighter cakes. This richness, combined with the exquisite flavours developed through our meticulous maturation process, ensures that each slice is a memorable part of your celebration.


A Clean Cut

Using a sharp knife is essential for ensuring good portion control, cleaning the knife in-between cuts is a good tip too. Try to use a large smooth bladed knife.



At Grandpa's Cakes, we're honoured to be a part of your special day. Our wedding fruit cakes are crafted with care, ensuring that they not only serve as a beautiful centrepiece but also provide a delicious experience for you and your guests. By choosing the right cake size, you're ensuring that this symbol of sweetness and unity is shared with everyone who's come to celebrate your love.


Visit us at www.grandpascakes.co.uk to explore our range of wedding cakes and find the perfect fit for your celebration.

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