Is fruit cake the perfect cyclist fuel?

Is fruit cake the perfect cyclist fuel?

We're a nation of cycle lovers. In Great Britain, we cycle over five billion miles each year. In England alone, the average person cycles 88 miles each year, which equates to 3% of all trips.

It's no surprise that cycling is so popular. It's three times faster than walking and can boost your fitness and heart health, and make you feel younger. And who wouldn't want that? 

As British cyclist, Sarah Bentley, said, "You are one ride away from a good mood."

Food is fuel 

Easy-to-moderate cycling burns around 300 calories an hour. So, before (and after) you take to the saddle, it's vital you top up your energy reserves.

Packed full of energising ingredients, fruit cake is a great way to fuel your next ride. 

Fruit cake

In fact, fruit cake has been used as an energy bar substitute throughout history. The Romans used it to fuel their soldiers for battle and the Crusaders nibbled on fruit cake to sustain their search for the Holy Grail.

Let's take a look at what makes fruit cake an energy-packed treat.

Sugar high powers rider's high

One of the primary energy sources for every cell in the human body is glucose, which is a form of sugar. 

That's why consuming sugar can give you an energy boost - known as a sugar high - which can fuel you to get cycling and enjoy a rider's high (the blissful feeling cyclists experience).

Fruit cake is packed full of boiled fruit, which contains natural sugars that provide an energy boost on the go. 


Any endurance exercise such as cycling can lead to sweating. The body excretes sodium in sweat, which is why white streaks sometimes appear on workout clothes.

This becomes an issue as excessive sweating can lead to low blood sodium, which can cause muscle cramps and hamper recovery. Replacing lost sodium (with, for example, our fruit cake, which contains sodium bicarbonate) can help to maintain performance and avoid injury.

Boiled fruit

As well as containing energising natural sugars, boiled fruit may contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. These can help to support overall health and wellness, as well as boost immune function and protect against disease.


Our boiled fruit cake contains sultanas, currants, lemon peel, orange peel, and glacier cherries. According to research:

  • Fibre-rich sultanas can boost your iron intake
  • Lemon peel is high in calcium, potassium, and fibre
  • Orange peel contains more vitamin C than the orange itself
  • Cherries are a natural anti-inflammatory superfood

A taste of endurance

Of course, the energising benefits of fruit cake aren't limited to cycling.

It's a great choice for any endurance sport, such as hiking and running. Runner's World even noted that 'fruit cake’s dense, sticky texture is immensely satisfying post-run.' 

So, however you like to fuel your passion for getting active, the only snack you need to pack is fruit cake.

Every slice of Grandpa's Classic Fruit Cake is bursting with energising and flavoursome ingredients. Fuel your next outdoor adventure here.

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